fit ocean allround wave 8'9 sup

Roadtrip Sardinia

How sweet life can be… Load up the Van Drive past the surfshop and pick up the 2017 FIT OCEAN Allround Wave 8’9 Go off together into sunny Italy where waves await you… GO BMX Riders GO !  

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egypt History of Stand up Paddle

History and origin of Stand up Paddle SUP surfing

Stand up Paddling can be interpreted in many ways as there have been recordings of people stand up on a floating device moving forward with a paddle, dating way back… Let’s check them out chronically 3000 BC Apparently the Peruvian fisherman paddled on their knee and stood up when they caught a wave (archaeologically evidenced […]

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best paddle length for supping

Best length paddle for SUP Stand Up Paddling ?

  What is the best paddle length for you? Stand up paddling is such a relaxed way to enjoy your time on the water. Stand up paddle boarding is becoming more popular each year. So much people have begun to enjoy stand-up paddling having fun on the water, spend time with family and friends. While […]

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5 tips for stand up paddling in winter

The summer is over but you still want to keep stand-up paddling in winter? Well you are so right. Why stop? But you also do not want to freeze your butt of in the cold or come into unsafe situations. Here are 5 tips to help you along.   Tip 1 – What to wear, […]

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Stand Up Paddling – Pearl River China

Before you can click to the video.. Feel me on my forest gump trip.. That day .. for no particular reason..i decided to go for a little run..                 So i had a very forest gump feeling and decided to go for a little paddle… After days in the […]

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