Our goal: that you have a fantastic day on the water, with our top-quality gear for good prices.

In 2009 we got hooked afer paddling the 11-cities SUP tour (200+ km) in the Netherlands on a SUP Board. We opened a surfshop and started selling inflatable SUP-Boards. Shortly after, we felt that inflatable paddleboards could be made of better quality and be offered for a better price. So we found investors, high-quality factories, designers, teamriders and started our own Swiss brand FIT OCEAN, a family owned business. We listened to input from customers, team riders and created dozens of prototypes before a board went into production. Furthermore each produced board is personally inpected by the Swiss Quality Team in the factories, which includes a 72 hour inflation test. Last but not least, you can buy the boards directly from us and save the dealer-margin. Now you have a top-quality board, for a good price.

For 2018 we further improved our allround/ family boards and added a waterproof manual with tipps on installation, technique, safety and maintanance. Like last year the allround boards are 15cm (6”) thick for paddling dry feet, have 3 fins for stability, a double action pump, large backpack, kayak seat rings and a lightweight paddle. Because these boards are made in the more expensive factories, the quality is outstanding and the boards come with 2 years warranty.

During the Summer of 2017 something was brewing in Switzerland… We started a cooperation with the American company Inflatable Composite™. They produce a thin hard carbon layer (US Patent 8273427) that can be used to stiffen up inflatable paddleboards. Yet they still can be rolled up like a normal inflatable board.
At the same time several SUP races took place in Switzerland of which FIT OCEAN is a co-sponsor. Our teamriders told us what to make for prototypes and quickly went on winning races. The result are 2 new boards for 2018, the FIT OCEAN ULTRA hard carbon stringer in 14′ and 12’6. Because of it’s construction, these boards are not only fast, but also stable for sportive beginners.

We hope to inspire people to live adventure filled, healthy lifestyles. Whether you are a beginner, novice or expert we have a Stand up Paddleboard, to suit your needs.

Have a great session!