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Our Goal is that you have a fantastic day on the water, with our top-quality gear for attractive prices.

In 2013 we started selling inflatable SUP Boards from all kind of brands. In the lower price range we thought the customer could and should have a much better quality. So we started our brand FIT OCEAN. We had FIT OCEAN boards produced in a premium factory that also produces for well know brands like MISTRAL. We did the quality control ourselves and started our own online sales channel boarddiscount.com. Since then we have made thousands of customers happy and we stayed true to our motto to get our customers premium-quality gear for attractive prices.


Company Blog

World Clean Up Day 21.9.2019

Check the videos and pictures of our FIT OCEAN heroes digging up >200 kg of plastic out of the Lake ...
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No plastics in the water Statement

Together with our factory and it's suppliers of raw materials we strive for a clean way of production of the ...
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Fit Ocean Sports SUP

It’s Quality Assurance Check Time Again!

It's that time of the year again when we have a change of scenery and timezone. Yes, that's because we ...
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When I am on the water and I change my paddle stroke technique – do I actually go faster or ...
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Racing Blog

Our racing SUP’s are one of the fastest, hence we have a dedicated racing blog.

Congrats Alexander Sterzik 1st place / timelaps race lake Lucerne Switzerland

Okay we are now copy pasting the title this year. Aleksander won again. Enjoy the timelaps from start to finish ...
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Congrats Alexander Sterzik 1st place short distance race lake Biel Switzerland

Hardcore day in Biel Nidau Switzerland with rain and lots of wind. Race through a canal. This time we had ...
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Congrats Alexander Sterzik 1st place short distance race lake Constance Germany/ Switzerland

Exiting race for us as Aleksander does his first race on the new 2020 FIT OCEAN Force 14'x26'' and wins the ...
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2020 FIT OCEAN Force Raceboard

Our new raceboard is available. https://www.fitocean.com/product/force-14x26x5-inflatable-displacement/ Stay tuned for more info via social media ...
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