Which size? Quick rule of thumb.

  1. Check how much volume a board has. This is measured in Liters.
  2. Then take your own bodyweight + add 110 Liter. This together should be lower then the volume of the board.

For example bodyweight is 80 kg. Then 80+110= 190 Liter. A good board would be the  MAGIC GLIDE 10´8 with 280 Liter volume. The additional volume offers stability and enables paddling with kids on board. This board automatically also fits a lighter persons.

Which model?

Practically 80% of our customers buy an ALLROUND/ FAMILY board that suits the whole family. These Boards are fairly wide (minimal 30” =76cm) and very stable to stand on. They are easy to inflate and are usually offered as a complete package with a basic aluminium paddple. These boards have a hull-shape that functions on lakes, ocean and rivers. Hence, they are allround.

Additionally there more specific catagories. For example boards that focus on going faster and going on longer distances. These boards excel in flatwater, can handle small waves and track great in a straight line. Depending on the width they can also be used to learn to paddle.

These are basically normal ALLROUND Boards with the bonus option to attach a windsurfsail and install an additional fin in the middle of the board to sail upwind.

A raceboard is all about going fast. But actually that does not always mean going very narrow. Speed also comes from stability onboard being able to transmit the power of a paddlestroke into the water nice and smooth without wobbling. That is why the FIT OCEAN race boards also function as a regular board for cruising.

These boards must be able to and track in a straight line when paddling out, and turn quickly going down the wave.

These boards have extra large deckpads to exercise and are super stable.