SUP Race 12.7.2020. Alex on FIT OCEAN Force Nr. 1 inflatable and 4th in hardboards

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So much FUN at a SUP Race event again. Sun, Water, People, SUP, Sweat, Laughter, Smiles.

Big UP to our Teamrider Alex winning on the production model 2020 Force 14’x26”x5”. And our Teamriders Beatrice in the Womans division. And Faik  and Marcel and Lukas battling it out in the inflatable division.

Alex finished in 35 minutes and 18 seconds which was place 1 in the inflatable division.

The hardboards start at the same time. The score has its own hardboard division.

Underneath their finish times. Looking closely Alex with 35:18 was that fast that he actually was place 4 in the hardboard disvision.

Alex in lead. Notice upright stance to reduce push down on the board and rather lift up bodyweight during the stroke (in contrast to racing hardboards where you push down the board to ”pump” it)

Faik around the buoys.

Marcel over the line (prototype 28” wide board double batten)

Beatrice racing the 2019 FIT OCEAN Ultra 14ft.

Full Event photo capture here

Ofcourse many thanks to organiser HonuSUP and the Sponsors. See you in the next edition.

Congrats Alexander Sterzik 1st place / timelaps race lake Lucerne Switzerland

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Okay we are now copy pasting the title this year. Aleksander won again. Enjoy the timelaps from start to finish of Aleksander his race. Interesting to see he is ahead of a Starboard Sprint in the sprint… He actually finished that fast again that not only finished 1st on inflatable but also 2nd in the hardboard class, on his FIT OCEAN Force 14ft inflatable.

Congrats Alexander Sterzik 1st place short distance race lake Biel Switzerland

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Hardcore day in Biel Nidau Switzerland with rain and lots of wind. Race through a canal. This time we had 2 riders at the start. Aleksander took 1st place and Mark 3rd place (both on 2020 FIT OCEAN Force) but Mark was disqualified for the reason of drafting behind a hardboard as in this race apparantly drafting was only allowed behind an inflatable ;) Awsome to have fun with fellow FIT OCEAN riders.

World Clean Up Day 21.9.2019

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Check the videos and pictures of our FIT OCEAN heroes digging up >200 kg of plastic out of the Lake. We where so surprised what came up. If that comes out of the otherwise beatutifull 4 forest Lake in Switzerland, image what else can be fished out of lakes and oceans. Big thank you to our heroes: Marcel, Sven, Yvonne, Luki, Stefan, Ayden, Andi. Closing the day with a drink & campfire, awsome day in life.

No plastics in the water Statement

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Together with our factory and it’s suppliers of raw materials we strive for a clean way of production of the FIT OCEAN boards, which we formalized in a joint statement. Background story: we paddle ourselves a lot and see for ourselves there is a lot of plastics in rivers and with that in oceans, that have the origin from cities and production facilities. Hence the production process of the fIT OCEAN boards, which we influence ourselves must be clean. We thank our production partners for their understanding and commitment.

It’s Quality Assurance Check Time Again!

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Fit Ocean Sports SUP

It’s that time of the year again when we have a change of scenery and timezone. Yes, that’s because we visit our factory in China for the quality assurance checking of our 2019 Fit Ocean board production.

Although we know that the factory is extremely good, we still check it ourselves to be sure that you, our customers, will be on the water with one of the best quality produced inflatable SUP boards possible.

All the jetlag experience and daily checking of boards from day-to-day are worth it. And you might ask if all the boards are excellently made, what are we going to do on our days off? We go stand-up-paddle!

This coming Summer season, we are introducing the 2019 Fit Ocean Sports as a great option for sporty beginners in stand-up-paddling who want a faster board than the typical beginner boards. With a length of 11’3″, a width of 30″, and a thickness of 6″,  it is perfect for long distance touring adventures.

In fact, we tested this board on the water just last week in China. We were able to enjoy a 2-hour water tour on it! So, if you plan to have your kid on board with you, it is possible, too. It is something your kid will enjoy.

After a wonderful 2-hour time touring the waters, we were exhausted, but satisfied with the overall drive of the SUP. At last, we cap it off with a nice modest beer, paid using a phone!

Just like what we have done in the previous years, we have checked over thousands of boards. The 2019 Fit Ocean collection of inflatable SUPs are more robust and they come with a thicker surface. We want you all to have a fantastic time on the waters and have a memorable time with your family and friends.