Time to go faster!

Fast as a race board, stable as an allround Board. With the long and narrow outline, speed coated flat bottom, square & stable rail shape, Premium Double Layer Light construction at 20 PSI, the speedster is more fast& stable than any other narrow board on the market. Easy 10 paddle-strokes on one side before needing to switch sides. Official 12’6 length for SUP race-events. Results speak for themselves…

Length: 12´6 (381 cm)
Width: 28.5” (72 cm)
Volume: 300 Liter
Weight: only 10 Kilo !


Who is it for?

  • Paddlers up to 95 Kg. Volume 300 Liter, paddling with kids also possible.
  • Stable enough for sportive beginners wanting to learn SUP. How stable is it? We simply put total beginners on it during demo-days and they love it! We paddle ourselves together with kids on it.
  • How fast is it? Our friend (90 kg.) did his first ever race on it and took place 5 in a field of 10 experienced racers.
  • Downwind – already glides at the smallest bump

Details board

  • Length: 12´6 (381 cm); Width: 28.5” (72 cm). Volume: 300 Liter. Weight: only 10 Kilo !
  • Square Rail Technology (SRT). Enabling narrow boards with stability.
  • Large EVA deckpad, Wide bungee ropes for a bag and a narrow rope for ‘just the bottle’. Extra leash-ring on the handle for quick connection, leash ring on the tail, padded transport handle. Removable US-Box fin. Speed coated bottom. Noserunner.
  • Premium Construction. Recommended inflation of 17-20 PSI. Allready at 15 PSI superstiff. Designed in Switzerland.
  • What’s the difference compared to other more cheaper brands? The FIT OCEAN boards have a thicker skin that makes them more robust and stiffer which increases stability and speed. Our premiums have the best technology on the market with supreme stiffness/ weight-ratio. And the FIT OCEAN’s come with a double action pump and real backpack instead of a folding bag.
  • Model: SUP-FOSPRE
  • Including double-action pump (inflate 2 x faster and lighter), XL Backpack, fins, maintanance-set, buckle to wrap rolled-up board and easy to load it in backpack, english and german manual (waterproof paper), waterproof bag for mobile phone including free download of the FIT OCEAN SPEED App (measure in realtime your speed and improve your stroke).
  • backpack : 80x30x58


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