FIT OCEAN Arrow blue 100% carbon 600 gr.



The ninety comes with a medium approximately 90 sq. inch blade and a weight of the total paddle 600 gramm only. The ninety has a matt finish. This paddle is designed for racing and touring. Or for all-rounders that want to spoil themselves with an ultra light and efficient paddle.


  • Comfortable grippy none-fatique handle thanks to an ergonomic design
  • 100% carbon
  • Matt finish for better grip


  • 3-piece (fits in a 90 cm long backpack). Length adjustable between 160– 220 cm.
  • 100% carbon
  • We ISO tested several paddle shafts before deciding on this one, to assure optimal stiffness, lightweight and flex to lighten up your shoulders
  • Gorilla double bolted clip to prevent twist. Slim design so easy to slide over with hands
  • FIT OCEAN logo printed in the bottom part of the shaft (not where your hands are)
  • Matt finish for better grip


  • 100% carbon
  • Blade angle 10°
  • Fluid dynamic ‘neck’ (blade transition to the shaft) for minimal cavitation
  • Dihedral design to exclude flutter and have steady smooth strokes
  • Square shaped blade maximum power/size ratio. Not to ‘meaty’ in the top part
  • Deep concave at the tip to ‘grab and hold’ the water
  • Pointed blade tip to break water tension when paddle slides in the water
  • Blade size medium. Approx. 90 sq. in.
  • Matt finish for better grip


  • 600 gr.


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