Force 14’x26”x5” Inflatable Displacement



  • 14′ x 26” x 5”
  • 8.8 kg
  • Hard Carbon Displacement Nose
  • Hard Carbon Battens in the middle
  • Carbon Us Finbox inside the hull



Your advantages

  • Fast enough to compete in races with hardboards
    • Easy to paddle the theoretical hullspeed of 9.6 kmh over long distances
    • Measured 13.2 kmh in the sprint
  • Rolls up in a normal iSUP bag

First race result

Switzerland May 29, 2019, Lake Constance. Short distance 5 km. 1st place in the catagory inflatable, And that fast that our Teamrider also finished 3rd place between hardboards in a total field of 50.

Background Story

Since 2 years we are seriously investing and building inflatable raceboards. Together with our partners we try to solve the obvious things first. In 2017/18 we made the US Finbox inside the hull in our first raceboard the FIT OCEAN Ultra. In 2018/19 we made the displacement nose (special attention that it does not look ‘crazy’ but normal). And we made full carbon battens that fasten under 1 minute to the deck to have zero bending in the middle , thus all paddle energy is translated in forward motion. The combination of these details made a board that is very light to paddle up to the theoretical hullspeed for a 14 foot board which is 9.6 kmh. We thank whole hearted our Team including many customers helping us come to our new 2020 Board. Mahalo !


  • Double Layer Super Light Dropstich Hull, glued with Woosung ZEBEC 179K glue. 
  • Carbon/ Kevlar displacement Nose glued fix to the board. Sponsored by SIKA Switzerland. Nose and Hull are seperate items, so there is no chance of air leaking.
  • Carbon/ Kevlar hardboard battens mounted to the deck. Detachable from the board in 1 minute. 
  • Carbon/ Kevlar US-Finbox build inside the board.  Now 2 years used in production without problems.

Common questions

  • Is the nose detachable? No, it is glued fix
  • When the nose gets a whole, does the board leak? No, Nose and Hull are seperate items
  • Is it difficult to mount the battens? 1 minute with IKEA key
  • Is the board stable? Yes, because it is only 5 inch thick it is more stable then 6 inch boards
  • Why is it not 6 inch thick. 6 inch is more wobbly and heavier resulting in a less fast board


EUR 1599.- including double action pump, wheely backpack and US Box poly-carbonate racefin. And including shipping directly to your home. Delivery time approximately 4 weeks .