MALIBU 10’0 LIGHT (up to 120 kg./ allround)


The MALIBU is a budget friendly, yet highly durable inflatable SUP Board in all kind of conditions.

Thanks to its 15cm thickness it is stiff and stable and offers enough flotation for 1 adult up to 120 kg. + 1 child.

New is its extra width and volume in the front of the board for extra stability and excellent tracking in a straight line, yet keeping its maneuverability.

Length: 10’0” (300 cm)
Width: 30”(75 cm)
Thickness 6‘‘ (15 cm)
Volume: 250 Liter
Weight: only 8 kg. !


Who is it for?

  • Paddlers from 40 up to 120 Kg. For men AND woman thanks to perfect sizing. Loading capacity up to 250 Kg., enough for fun paddling with children/ partner.
  • Easy to learn SUP.
  • For lakes, waves and rivers thanks to an allround shape.

Details board

  • Large deckpad for space and made from EVA foam which is grippy and very comfortable for the skin to stand or lie on.
  • The board has bungee ropes for transport and a padded carry-handlet handle. The slide-fin is easily removable.
  • Produced under Swiss supervision to assure quality for a long product lifetime.
  • What’s the difference compared to cheaper brands? The FIT OCEAN boards have a thicker multi-layer skin (Fusion Technology) that makes them more robust and stiffer which increases stability and speed. And the FIT OCEAN’s come with premium accessories.
  • Including original BRAVO double-action pump (inflate 2 x faster and lighter), extra large bag (fits all accessories + your personal belongings), fin, maintanance-set, english and german manual on waterproof paper with the topics: installation, safety, maintanance and paddle techniques.


Coming soon.

#References | Reviews

Check the 5 star reviews on amazon yourself.

Or read one of our sweetest customers here:

Von Gisela Paunoski am Jun 19, 2017
Top Leistung für wenig Geld. Dadurch, dass das Board 15 cm dick ist, steht man gut stabil drauf. Man kann auch gut manövieren, da es recht kurz ist. Ich bin 65 kg schwer, mein Mann 90 kg. Wir können beide damit fahren. Das Board ist in erstaunlich kurzer Zeit aufgepumpt und es ist ein Genuß, damit zu fahren. Klare Kaufempfehlung!

Final statement

If you are looking to purchase for a low budget an SUP, at least buy good quality. The Malibu got you covered.