FIT OCEAN Nokilo paddle



Good and pleasant lightweight starter paddle – adjustable in length between 160cm and 220 cm which serves the whole family from junior to adult. Splits in 3-pieces so it fits in the backpack for easy travelling. Weight is less then a kilo at 935 gr. Most of our competitors paddles are a lot heavier. A lighter paddler means less fatique.

More Benefits

  • Good forward power with every paddlestroke due to the BOLT blade shape
  • Rounded adjustable clip. Each time you switch sides to paddle, your hands glides easily over a smooth clip
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon lightweight blade. With low weight at the bottom of the paddle the swing-weight reduces which makes easier paddling
  • Ergonomic handle which is easy to hold, avoiding cramp while paddling


  • Lightweight alloy shaft, 3-pieces, adjustable from 160 cm -220 cm fits the whole family
  • Ergonomic nylon handle
  • Less fatique thanks to its lightweight of only 935 gr.
  • Fits in the backpack because it splits in 3 pieces