Super stable and fast touring Board for Paddlers up to 115 Kg. And for the ocasional race.

Results speak for themselves…

  • 1st place 2018 GLAGLA Race France 14ft inflatable.
  • US-Finbox build inside for more speed& faster turning
  • Hard carbon stringer on deck. Board can be rolled-up like any other inflatable.  Inflatable Composite™ (US Patent 8273427)

Length: 14 (426 cm)
Width: 26” (66 cm)
Thickness 5” for optimal stability.
Weight: 11.5 Kg.


Who is it for?

  • Super fast touring for Paddlers up to 115 Kg.
  • Proven winner of inflatable SUP Races
  • We refuse to call it a race board because it is very very stable. How stable is it? We simply put total beginners on it during demo-days and they love it! We paddle ourselves together with kids on it.
  • Downwind – already glides at the smallest bump


  • Construction: double layer fused PVC with 30 cm wide hard carbon stringer on deck. Made in the USA.  Inflatable Composite™ (US Patent 8273427). For more information see our technology page.
  • Volume: 350 Liter. Weight: only 10 Kilo !
  • Square Rail Technology (SRT). Enabling narrow boards with stability.
  • Large EVA deckpad, Wide bungee ropes for a bag and a narrow rope for ‘just the bottle’. Extra leash-ring on the handle for quick connection, leash ring on the tail, padded transport handle. Removable US-Box fin. Speed coated bottom. Noserunner.
  • Premium Construction. Recommended inflation of 17-20 PSI. Allready at 15 PSI superstiff. Designed in Switzerland.
  • What’s the difference compared to other more cheaper brands? The FIT OCEAN boards have a thicker skin that makes them more robust and stiffer which increases stability and speed. Our premiums have the best technology on the market with supreme stiffness/ weight-ratio. And the FIT OCEAN’s come with a double action pump and real backpack instead of a folding bag.
  • Including double-action pump (inflate 2 x faster and lighter), XL Backpack, fins, maintanance-set, buckle to wrap rolled-up board and easy to load it in backpack, english and german manual (waterproof paper)







#References | Reviews

11CitySUPRace – No 1. inflatable 14ft. for the full 5 day event (in a field with other inflatable incl. 18ft). No. 11 overall on day 5. (solo stage participation) in a field of hardboards.
Dordogne Integral 130 km non-stop 2018
– No 64 in a field of hardboards
ICE Race Switzerland 2018. No 2 and No 3 in 14ft hardboards catagory shortdistance (Kurzstrecke SUP)
GLAGLA Race 2018. No 1. 14ft inflatables
SUP Tour Schweiz 2017 – Nidau, Switzerland. No.1 inflatable.
SUP Tour Schweiz 2017 – Ermatingen, Switzerland. No. 3 inflatable.
SUP Tour Schweiz 2017 – Bern, Switzerland. No. 1 and No. 2 12’6 inflatable.
SUP Tour Schweiz 2017 – Thun, Switzerland. No. 3  inflatable.


2018 ICE SUP Race

2018 Glagla SUP Race


Final statement

One of the fastest in the 14ft catagory. Proven No. 1 podium places.