Have the option to go windsurfing!

Premium construction to take the load of a sail on the deck. Universal windsurf rig-attachment and an extra dagger-fin to go upwind. Without the dagger-fin it fully functions as an allround SUP. Riders up to 105 kg. Maximum payload 280 kg. Enough volume for an adult + kids.

Length: 10’8” (325 cm)
Width: 32”(81 cm)
Thickness 5‘‘ (13 cm)
Volume: 280 Liter
Weight: only 10 kg. !


Who is it for?

  • For men AND woman thanks to perfect sizing. Premium construction supporting up to 105 kg. Loading capacity up to 280 Kg., enough for fun paddling with children/ partner.
  • Easy to learn SUP. Easy to learn to windsurf.
  • For lakes, waves and rivers thanks to an allround shape.
  • Possibility to attach a kayakseat (rings are pre-installed).

Details board

  • Length: 10’8” (325 cm); Width: 32”(81 cm). Thickness 5‘‘ (13 cm). Volume: 280 Liter. Weight: only 10 kg. !
  • Large EVA deckpad, bungee ropes, leash ring, padded transport handle. 1x removable robust US-box fin for SUP, tracks great in a straight line. 1x robust removable US-Box fin/ daggerboard for upwind windsurfing.
  • Premium Construction. Recommended inflation of 17-20 PSI. Allready at 15 PSI superstiff. Designed in Switzerland.
  • What’s the difference compared to other more cheaper brands? The FIT OCEAN boards have a thicker skin that makes them more robust and stiffer which increases stability and speed. Our premiums have the best technology on the market with supreme stiffness/ weight-ratio. And the FIT OCEAN’s come with a double action pump and real backpack instead of a folding bag.
  • Model: SUP-FOAWWI
  • With double-action pump (inflate 2 x faster and lighter), extra large Backpack so you can also put your paddle and personal belongings in it, removable center-fin+ 2 side-fins, maintanance-set, english and german manual (waterproof paper).
  • backpack : 80x30x58


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Final statement

Fantastic glide and super durable construction to take the load from a sail on deck.