FIT OCEAN Boards are extremely robust and made for extreme conditions as well as long term use. The main reason is that they are made in one of the worlds most renown factories. Re-inforced Drop stich, smooth PVC cut out by computer, Fusion Technology, German work processes and glued in perfect circumstances with 179K ZEBEC™-glue, that makes the boards extremely durable. Together with our shape concept, Swiss quality controlling they build the foundation for the unmatched longevity and performance of FIT OCEAN boards. Go to the limit and beyond…

Your advantage & our extra effort: Quality Inspection by the Swiss Team

All FIT OCEAN boards are factory tested: Boards are pumped to 15 PSI and surpass a 72 hr inflation test. Additionally our FIT OCEAN Swiss Quality Team inspects locally in the factories each and every single product, before being shipped. Inspections: 2018; 2017 

MLT – Multi Layer Technology – How does it work?

The extra Rigid PVC deck and bottom are connected by thousands of nylons called drop-stich, to keep the functional shape.
On top of that, extra layers of PVC are melted / fused on it. In the past those extra layers where glued on top but modern technology melts extra layers on it (Fusion Technology), making boards stiffer, 30% lighter, more durable and more eco-friendly.

2 Layers Fusion Super light

Lady, Malibu, Sports, Family and Magic Glide are lightweight and robust made in the 2 Layers Fusion super light. This is 2 layers on top of the dropstich for the hull. These layers are melted together forming one thick layer of PVC which is stiff and very light. Light Boards can be fragile, especcially when the PVC is only 0.55 mm thin, like some of our competitors use. FIT OCEAN uses a much thicker PVC for increased durability and stiffness. Still our boards are among the lightest on the market. This construction is appropriate for shorter non-planing boards. Since 2018 we use a reinforced dropstich material which allows the board being already usable as of 10 PSI for riders under 80 kg. Riders over 80 kg can still pump to 15 PSI. Less pumping, more paddling!

2 Layer Fusion Premium

Windglide, Cruise, Speedster, Allround Wave and Ultra are lightweight and super stiff made in the 2 Layer Fusion Premium. A new frontier in inflatable construction. This is 2 layers with extra thickness on top of the dropstich, which are also melted together keeping the board light. Together with the highest density Dropstich on the market it forms a superstiff Board, in that construction can be pumped up to 25 PSI. Riders under 140 Kg. are recommended to pump maximum 20 PSI. Modern technology like the premium construction gives extreme stiffness, which is appropriate for fast planing boards.

Hybrid Inflatable Carbon Construction

The Ultra 14” is made in Premium construction and additionally have a hard carbon stringer glued to the deck for extra stiffnes and speed. This is hands-down the closest an inflatable can come to a composit hardboard. Because the carbon fibres are laid all in the same length-direction, you can still roll it up. This technology is licenced from Inflatable Composite™ (US Patent 8273427) and made in the USA.

Left – right: The carbon material on a roll. Swiss design how to apply. Glued to the deck. Finished board rolled like a normal SUP.

FIT OCEAN – fin box inside the hull of an iSUP

FIT OCEAN is the Swiss brand for inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards. A problem we saw with the inflatables, was that the finbox glued on the bottom of the board, causes drag. We produced a finbox with US fin box system that can be glued inside the hull, just like with hardboards. FIT OCEAN boards are made in a premium factory that used their double chamber technology to secure air tightness. We noticed the board has a better glide, is faster, turns better and also is very stable. After 2 years testing we are now using it in our production boards. For example in the FIT OCEAN Ultra 14ft iSUP, which won in its catagory in the 2018 Glagla race.

The glue – The devil is in the details

There are several brands of glue on the market, each in it’s own price class. We choose the most expensive 179K from the brand ZEBEC glue. Why? it creates the most durable product. Side-rails and accessories such as handles, Leash-rings, Bungee ropes and kost of all EVA decks should remain fix for very long life time and the 179K assures it.