FIT OCEAN Boards are extremely robust and made for extreme conditions as well as long term use. The main reason is that they are made in one of the worlds most renown factories. Reinforced Drop stitch, smooth PVC cut out by computer, Fusion Technology, German work processes and glued in perfect circumstances with 179K ZEBEC™-glue, that makes the boards extremely durable. Together with our shape concept, Swiss quality controlling and 3 years warranty they build the foundation for the unmatched longevity and performance of FIT OCEAN boards. Go to the limit and beyond…

Multi Layer Technology – Linear Drop stitch

Boards applied: 2020 FIT OCEAN Lady, Malibu, Sports, Family and Magic Glide.
Pump pressure: Max. 17 PSI. We recommend 15 PSI

The extra Rigid PVC deck and bottom are connected by thousands of nylons called drop stitch, to keep the functional shape. The Multi Layer Technology is based on using a very high density Reinforced-Dropstitch. Simply put a lot of nylons with low stretch, and so resulting in a stiff board. The sides of the board are made of a first rail layer and a second rail layer, to again give stiffness, but also for durability. Deck and bottom have a thin extra layer of PVC melted to it (Fusion technology). Some competitors choose not to do so resulting in a very thin skin (0.55mm) which is not durable. Some competitors choose to glue a second layer which results in a stiff but heavy board (12 kg+). And a heavy board is not only heavy to carry but also hard to paddle forward. The MLT is one of the most modern, best quality and price-attractive Technology currently available on the market. Resulting in a light to paddle stiff iSUP.

As far as stiffness is concerned, the Fit Ocean is clearly superior to the Naish (

Premium Double Layer Light – Linear Drop Stitch

Boards applied: 2020 FIT OCEAN Windglide, Cruise, Speedster
Pump pressure: Max. 25 PSI. We recommend 18 PSI 
Lightweight and super stiff made in the Double Layer Light Construction. This is an even ticker extra layers with extra layer on top of the drop stitch, again melted (not glued) together keeping the board light (Fusion Technology). Together with the highest density Drop Stitch on the market it forms a super-stiff Board, in that construction can be pumped up to 25 PSI. Also a rider over 120 kg has a Board that does not bend. Modern technology like the premium construction gives extreme stiffness, which is appropriate for fast planing boards.

Premium Double Layer Light – Woven Drop Stitch

Boards applied: 2020 FIT OCEAN Force 14, 13’2 and 12’6
Pump pressure: Max. 25 PSI. We recommend 18 PSI 
Drop stitch-factories innovate and bring us the new Woven Drop stitch. This is yet lighter than the previous Fusion Drop Stitch because the nylons are woven to bring strength. So we applied it especially in our new FORCE boards to have a competitive edge. Shout out to Alexander Stertzik, our team rider.

The glue – The devil is in the details

There are several brands of glue on the market, each in its own price class. We choose the most expensive 179K from the brand ZEBEC glue by Woosung. Why? it creates the most durable product. Side-rails and accessories such as handles, Leash-rings, Bungee ropes and cost of all EVA decks should remain fix for very long life time and the 179K assures it.

PVC Material

Our Boards are build from a PVC Material that conforms to the European Union’s REACH health regulations.

Quality Inspection by the Swiss Team

All FIT OCEAN boards are factory tested: Boards are pumped to the max. pressure and surpass a 72 hr inflation test. Additionally our FIT OCEAN Swiss Quality Team inspects locally in the factories each and every single product, before being shipped. We know what is in the box and have the best score in the market. Inspections: 2018; 2017 

3 years Warranty

We see customer boards from 2015 that paddle a lot and which are still in a remarkable state and so for 2020 we increased our warranty to 3 years.

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