It’s Teamwork…
We are blessed to have a product development centre right at the beautiful Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Here Sharon, a professional sports designer, leads the company. And here Marcel, Mark and Sharon develop boards. The guys also fly to Asia where they inspect production in one of the world most renowned factories. Meanwhile Maria in Sri Lanka handles Marketing. We can offer a good price because we have our own online shop BOARDdiscount.com, so you save the dealer margin. It is managed by Rodolfo, who masters the work-life balance by working from behind his laptop on sunny terraces in Italy. Meanwhile from warehouses in Germany, Italy, France and Holland, the customer orders get shipped. All managed by Marten and Nils, who also make sure there is enough stock. We have Werner and Hans, who run our accounting. We have our ambassadors spreading the word on the social media channels. And we have you. Our customer. You give us feedback which we listen to and use to innovate. Yes, together we are a flywheel, creating some of the best Stand Up Paddle products out on the market. That gives us a kick…

 Our goal:

”that you have a fantastic day on the water, with our top-quality gear for good prices”


In 2009 we got hooked on SUP after paddling a race, the 11-cities SUP tour in the Netherlands. Shortly after we started selling inflatable SUP Boards. Quickly we felt that the inflatable paddleboards could be made of better quality and have better pricing. So we found investors, designers, high-quality factories and started our own Swiss brand FIT OCEAN™. Because our boards are made in the more renowned factories, the quality is outstanding. The factory produces for example for MISTRAL, a world know brand with iSUP’s in the premium Pricerange. The FIT OCEANS are made with the same materials and by the same skilled workers. Hence you get a premium board for a very attractive price. Furthermore we personally check each and everyboard ourselves in the factory before shipping. Last but not least, we set-up our own sales channel BOARDdiscount.com , now you save the dealer-margin and have a top-quality board, for a good price.

2019 Update

We decided to continously invest in product innovation. Meanwhile all our allround boards like the Lady, Malibu and Magic are 15cm thick and made out of stiff, robust and light dropstich material. And all boards come with a top quality BRAVO double action pump, good bag and a waterproof manual with tipps on installation, safety and maintanance. We also added a chapter on technique, as there is more behind the stroke as you would think

During the Summer of 2018 something was brewing in Switzerland… We started a cooperation with the American company Inflatable Composite™. They produce a thin hard carbon layer that can be used to stiffen up inflatable paddleboards. Yet it still can be rolled up like a normal inflatable board. At the same time several SUP races took place in Europe. Our teamriders told us what prototypes to make and went on winning races. The endresult is the FIT OCEAN ULTRA. Because of it’s construction, super fast but also stable enough for sportive beginners.

We hope to inspire people to live adventure filled, healthy lifestyles. Whether you are a beginner, novice or expert we have a Stand up Paddleboard, to suit your needs.

Have a great session!

Sharon Hassell
General Manager