FIT OCEAN is made by a team of Surfer with passion for watersports and who all work in different surfshops in Europe. We sell all kinds of brands and learn daily from customers. In 2013 other brands inflatable paddleboards where either expensive with high quality or low priced with bad quality. So we started our own brand FIT OCEAN®, produced in the best factory and selling directly through our own surfshops (avoiding the margin of middlemen) and so for attractive prices. This was and still is our concept and meanwhile we have made thousands of customers happy and we are still enjoying the ride.

Have a great session !

Designer and general manager

 Our goal:
”that you have a fantastic day on the water, with our top-quality gear for attractive prices”

We have a team of Sharon, Marcel and Mark in Switzerland designing the boards. A team in Germany and the Netherlands with Marten and Nils busy with shipping and warehouse management. We have our superstar Rodolfo doing all our web business from sunny Sicilia in Italy. Maria in Sri Lanka helping out with more online tasks. Meanwhile our accountants Werner and Hans manage all the paperwork. We are fortunate to have team riders, such as Alexander who delivers input for developments. And most important of all we have you, our end user, of the products feeding us with input for further improvements and innovations.

FIT OCEAN is a team of surfer working in several surfshops over Europe selling all kinds of brands. From this we learn what customers want. Before FIT OCEAN we understood there was a need for good quality boards, yet attractively priced. These where simply not on the market. Either the quality was good but the price was high because of all the middlemen (dealers, distributors) in the sales process. Or the price was low but the quality was also low.

So in 2013 we founded the brand FIT OCEAN(®). We had our own first samples made in the best factory where all the top-quality brands produce. We found an investor that allowed for a factory order of 3000 boards. We organized container transport to Europe ourselves. Basically the key-word is here we organized everything ourselves and no middlemen where involved. This meant we could offer the boards for every attractive prices.

In 2015 the first FIT OCEAN Boards hit the market. We sold them through our own surfshops in Europe. Mid-season 2015 we where already sold out. So we learned to order in bigger quantities, which we did. We learned by listening to our customers and could improve our boards and accessories. We also learned to get better deals from suppliers. And how to reduce plastic packaging. And how to do more economic shipping. This allowed for lowering our prices yet keeping the high quality factory as our producer.

Fast forward 2020. The SUP Factory that produces FIT OCEAN boards turned out to be that good that we have production series of thousands of boards with zero defects. One of the reasons is that German work processes are used, skilled workers and the right materials including the best glue. We are now that convinced we signed for a 3 year warranty on air-tightness for the boards.

Basically we still do the same thing as to our vision when we started: Have the products produced on a very high quality level, so we have no defects, so the customers are happy and can concentrate on positive things like good service, development and innovation.

How can we reach such a high quality with such a long warranty period?

We found a factory that has customers demanding for ISO certifications for several products. In order for the factory to achieve this it has taken several measures. Such as implementing German work processes, Management and quality control assurance teams. Working with PVC materials that comply to the EU’s REACH health regulations, using safe materials such as 179K ZEBEC glue (last 10 years minimum), educating workers and paying them well. Managing healthy work circumstances.

Besides the factory part , we the FIT OCEAN Team also take our measures. Each and every single product is checked on quality by us. a 72 hour inflation test with measuring the pressure before and after, A visual control. An end-user check.

Together we can achieve the high quality standard and long warranty period.

Why can we offer such a high quality for such an attractive price?

Simple: We FIT OCEAN sell direct to the customer via our own surfshops.

This way you save the margin of all the ”middleman” and the State tax (VAT) is lower.



You profit from the fact that we have our own surfshops with full service (full-time customer service etc.).

Our competitive advantage allows us to keep ordering our products in the top quality factories that come with a 3 year warranty.

We love to paddle. We love for you to enjoy premium quality at an attractive price.

This sets us apart from other brands

  • The factory. Our inflatable boards are made in a qualified factory, working with German ISO standards, with skilled well paid workers, working in good circumstances, using safe materials such as 179K ZEBEC glue (last 10 years minimum) and PVC materials that comply to the EU’s REACH health regulations
  • 3 Years warranty. The factory is simply that good. Life expectancy of the boards is 10 years at least
  • The price. We sell directly via our own surfshops. This means no ”middlemen” that take a big margin
  • The design. Our graphic designer is a professional from the sports-industry. The technical design of the boards is made by an engineer combing input from tests, samples, team-rider and customer input
  • Community. Besides product we have our media channels for customer questions and exchange of paddle sessions. We sponsor and take part in events. We produced our own app
  • Race Team. Lead by Alexander who wins in the ISUP 14′ division we have fun competing in races and develop our raceboard
  • Innovation. As one of the few inflatable SUP brands out there we invest in innovation which brings the products further


  • 3 years warranty on all 2020 boards.
  • Carbon SUP & Kayak Paddle.
  • We have again reduced plastic packaging further and replaced it with paper to become 100% plastic free.
  • New Board FIT OCEAN Force Touring Edition. Inflatable SUP with real carbon nose that cuts the water and allows a smooth ride.
  • New 100% carbon paddle FIT OCEAN Flight in colorful hibiscus and minimalist silver.


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